Hands & Feet


Relax on our spa bed as you experience our rejuvenating manicures.  Enjoy a level of deep relaxation as your therapist softens and exfoliates your hands and arms, trims your cuticles and shapes your nails. Following a therapeutic massage to relax muscles and increase blood flow to your hands and arms, clear polish is applied. We are more than happy to apply your colour polish if provided by you.

Our manicure treatment lasts 40 minutes.

Hand Rejuvenation

Have you got ageing and sun-damaged hands with pigmented lesions, rough or uneven texture? Laser Hand Rejuvenation is a fast and highly effective method to remove discoloration and ensure soft, smooth and more youthful hands. This treatment includes exfoliation and vitamin infusion.


Relax and enjoy an invigorating foot cleanse and soak with essential oils. Your treatment includes exfoliation of the feet and lower legs to smooth and soften skin (blade is available upon request for the heels). In your Pedicure your toenails are trimmed, cuticles removed and a foot and lower leg massage to relieve tension will rejuvenate tired legs and feet leaving you refreshed. Your Pedicure is performed in peaceful surrounds for your comfort and total relaxation. Hot compress and clear polish application are also included and colour polish can be applied if provided by you.

Our Pedicure treatment lasts 40 minutes.